Our Approach

We take great pride in all the work that we do. Our approach to development is client focused and we're willing to work with you from end to end to get the results that YOU want. We'll take you through brainstorming, drafting, development and launch at your pace and will pay attention to the finer details of your project.

We are Partners

We view each of our clients, big and small, as being partners of ours. We like the idea of mutual success and we'll work together to launch the best possible web or mobile application you have in mind. With a passion for technology and creating useful applications, Imaginapp is sure to be your partner through thick and thin.

Our Success

Many development shops base their success on how many projects they can push out the door. At Imaginapp, we base our success on meeting the goals of our clients and on creating beautiful web and mobile apps that will lead our clients to their own success.


Dan Cody

Dan works on both project management and technical development. His experience ranges from app development to data analysis and has worked in software development for a number of years.

"Helping out the client is my number one focus, if they succeed then so do I."


Peter Yeager

Peter is an expert in project management and developing applications with a high quality user experience. He has an eye for design and is adamant about producing aesthetically pleasing yet functional work.

"There is nothing better than building a great product that people enjoy."


James Queen

An aficionado of both hardware and software Product Development, Design, and Integration, James loves taking a client's vision and developing it into maturity. James excels in building client relationships.

"Bringing nouveau technologies to dated business practices is its own reward."


Heath Peek

Heath is our Business Development guru. He is responsible for the creation of our long-term client relationships and for creating value for Imaginapp from our customers, their markets, and consumer rapport.

"If it's important to you we'll find a way. No matter how big or small."

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Employment Opportunities

Please send a resume and cover letter to careers@imaginapp.com if interested in one of our open positions shown to the right.

We will get back to you within a week if you are selected for further interview.

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